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Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu: A Scenic Getaway

Queenstown, in New Zealand, is renowned for the beauty of its scenery.  LakeWakatipu remains the most celebrated natural attraction in the area.
Top 10 Sights to See in New Zealand

The lightning bolt-shaped finger lake, a gorgeous sight on its own, is further enhanced by the Remarkables’ Mountains which surround it, creating a scene of utter majesty for all who come to see and explore. It’s a haven for nature-lovers and outdoorsy types, but those who enjoy more luxurious comforts will feel right at home as well, as the area has been built up with some particularly lovely accommodations that provide stunning views. Tired of looking at concrete and steel? Come spend a weekend in Queenstown at Lake Wakatipu for a breathtakingly scenic getaway.

Rooms for Every Budget

If your end is high-end, you’re in luck in Queenstown. Azur is lodged high above the lake for dramatic views of the city, the Remarkables and Cecil Peak. It is made up of nine private and exclusive villas, each outfitted with thoroughly modern extras, like a complimentary minibar, LCD screen TVs and a deluxe stereo system; there’s even an in-room massage service for the tension in your back and neck. Yet the private terrace will no doubt become your favorite spot for a morning coffee, as you breathe in the clear mountain air and take in the dazzling sites.

The Blue Peaks Lodge is a more moderately priced hotel that’s well-suited for families and centrally located so that the center of Queenstown is just a five minute walk. The picturesque mountain range is visible from most rooms, while the motel itself is designed to mimic their geographical shape and color. Rooms are clean, attractive and come with TV and DVD player as well as high speed Wi-Fi.

For a frugal stay, book a bed in the Nomads’ Queenstown hostel, a well-located and convenient dorm-style spot that’s just a hop, skip and a jump to the mountains or the lake. Skiing fanatics will appreciate the storage space, while guests of all kinds will enjoy relaxing in the cinema, whipping up something in the shared kitchen or surfing the internet with free Wi-Fi. Dorm space can run as low as $20 per night, while private rooms are a reasonable $34.


What could be a more all-encompassing way to see Lake Wakatipu than from above? You don’t need to charter a helicopter, just sign up for a paraflight adventure, either solo or with a friend or two, and soar above the glittering the lake while connected to a boat that’s skimming along on the water. 

You will rise some 600 feet in the air and take in spectacular sights otherwise denied to all but the birds. It’s an experience that is suitable for most people over the age of 12, with a comfortable harness and smooth take-offs and landings.

T.S.S. Earnslaw

A refined and fascinating way to take in the lake is aboard the T.S.S. Earnslaw, a steamship which transports guests along the lake and back in time, with its early 20th century-style fireboxes and boilers. The Earnslaw, also known as the “Lady of the Lake,” is practically a floating institution, as it has been steaming along since 1912, originally used to carry livestock. 

This October marks its centennial anniversary and there are special cruises and parties planned for the celebration. Dining for brunch, lunch and dinner are combined with tours of the ship, as well as, ample opportunity to simply stand on-deck and marvel at the surroundings.

Kayaking is a much more personal way to feel close to the water while also feeling truly awed by the rising mountains from the ground-level. Most kayaking trips are quite easy and suitable for beginners, while some are also suited for fishing from the ample stocks of brown trout, rainbow trout and Chinook salmon. 

Queenstown Underwater Observatory

Perhaps you can’t swim and getting into a boat is a terrifying prospect. You can still enjoy Lake Wakapitu from below in the Observatory, where the water, fish and eels stay behind glass and a life jacket is not necessary. Kids will “ooh” and “ahh” as freshwater eels slither easily through the lake and the scaup – diving ducks – gracefully plunge underwater in search of their next meal.


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